Founded on January 18th, 2015, Homedesignator.com is an online blog focused on ideas for Interior Design and Small Homes.

Homedesignator.com is a place where you can find ideas, design, inspiration for your house and family and we will keep looking for talented architects and designers.

Objectives is to promote the recognition of the architect’s role in society also to promote the development and education of architects and the architectural profession in their service to society especially in Southeast Asia.

Homedesignator was started by an Indonesian entrepreneur Hok Liong and his passion for interior design.

It’s almost end of the year 2016, Homedesignator.com has grown into one of the leading websites in its field and we are working together with several companies to expand their products in Southeast Asia market. In 2017, Homedesignator.com will be a place where you also can find products and shop online for your house and family.