Qianxun Decorative Art and Design / Contemporary Art Apartment in Chengdu

Located in Chengdu, Sichuan, China and completed 2017. This 243 square meter contemporary art apartment with a touch of blue tone and ivory white, giving a refreshing feeling of pleasure was designed by Li Jianmei as Interior Decoration Designer from Qianxun Decorative Art and Design.

A Touch of Blue in Peace By Qianxun Decorative Art and Design

“Hidden in lush landscape of lakes and mountains, the residential space is endowed with unique quietness by its environmental advantage. In living room, light blue wall sets the tone and matches with ivory white sofa, giving a refreshing feeling of pleasure while reaching color balance with purple carpet and red chair. Dining room is connected to the living room, where large floor-to-ceiling windows run through and introduce sufficient natural light in. Well-arranged flowers and plant wall inside echo with vibrant greenery outside, nothing better than sitting alone by the window and enjoying the picturesque scenery.

The design approach combines Oriental sense of quiet comfort with contemporary simplicity to provide unique sensory experience of mixed styles. Concise straight lines and light solid colors are highlighted in main space, then dotted with soft furnishing of splendid colors to bring out the beauty of contrasting collision in a delicate way. Not hard to imagine a quiet but not dull scene of daily life here.

As for furniture, each piece is carefully selected concerning its style and proportion, and particularly stressed on tender details hidden in its linear form, which seems simple yet conceals smooth feeling like floating clouds and flowing waters. Materials of cotton and linen are favored for fabrics and pot, earthen bowl, vase are chosen for decoration. These typical elements of traditional Chinese style convey value appeal of retrieving your inner heart, presenting subtly the charm of Chinese style.”

Photos courtesy of Qianxun Decorative Art and Design.

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