Platau / Contemporary Mezzanine in Lebanon

Located in Beirut, Lebanon and completed in 2017. This additional of the mezzanine with its linear projection, wooden structures and black frames that stretch towards infinity was designed by Platau.

The first level of the mezzanine arrangement accommodates the kitchenette corner: functional, elegant and almost minimalistic, the dining area that futures massive wooden table and modern chairs arrangement and the living zone – here trendy large furniture in gray and charcoal is dynamically juxtaposed to the oval assembly of the contemporary coffee table set, which accent in red gives a playful hint to the whole premise.

The second level entwines the elegant warmth of the wooden cladding and structures with the intimacy offered by the architectural concept. Here the metal spine, the wooden filling, and the clear glass cage are composing a modern and yet cozy working and reading space.

Photos Courtesy of Wissam Chaaya.