David Olmos Arquitectos / Modern Apartment in Aviles

Located in Aviles, Spain and completed in 2017. This 123 square meter house with concept of “box in the box” and natural light was designed by David Olmos Arquitectos.

Renovation of 123 square meter house with consist of three small bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen with natural light and living room, it’s a big task. The designer decided to use the concept “box in the box”, where bathroom and toilet were placed in a separate place in the center of the house. The natural light was provided by the light hatches under the ceiling. This layout improved the circulation inside the residence, and also eliminated the problem of lack of light.

The living room is decorated in light colors with the use of wooden panels. Separate bedrooms have a more secluded location and are also made in white.

Photography by Luis Diaz Diaz