A Lentil Design / A Lovely Tiny Space in Taipei

Located in Taipei, Taiwan and completed in 2017. This 15 square meter renovation tiny apartment into a loft style with a brighter open space was designed by A Lentil Design.

At the first time when designer see this place, she found this tiny space is separated by several walls and it looks smaller, even causes unsmooth movement. How to make a dreaming life come true and even there is a new born baby in the future, it is really a difficult problem. Designer communicates with the couple and decides to rearrange the movement, introduce sunlight and air into rooms, to renew space allocation and their life style

The designer achieved creating open space with one bedroom and extra loft space. To let the light fill all the entire apartment, a divider glass door is used to divide the bedroom and the living area. A loft is created for use as a guest sleeping area or storage. Every nook and cranny is utilized including storage under the stairs.

Photos courtesy of A Lentil Design.