Remember Design / Modern Apartment in Hsinchu

Located in Hsinchu, Taiwan. This modern apartment with balances materials, styles, colors, and shades in ways to reflect its peaceful unpretentious nature was designed by Remember Design.

Modern Apartment in Hsinchu by Remember Design

“Whether you want to open a door after another is the world, back home as if traveling in a variety of scenes, covered by the door after a variety of styles, simple but without losing any details, ordinary is simple and simple.

This space regardless of media, style, color, or natural light and shadow have his essence of harmony and trivial.
Simple does not mean boring and boring, combined with a variety of styles do not represent the complex messy, enough of all the needs of all ages, honest but full of real life value, life and thinking of the time to turn, and the space gradually slow down the pointer, Look for a long time but not greasy, comprehend life is so pure.

The modern wind brought about by the simple people left the flashy world of dazzling; industrial wind is an emerging trend of the times, in the new trend to find the history of positioning; elegant elegance of the wind intriguing, this is a state of mind Portrayed, mature to reveal its deep connotation; American uninhibited with the nature, with a slightly constrained clean water between the two molds in the challenge between the possibility of space, combined with the different forms of hope is no longer space Constraints, people and space symbiosis, work and life and harmony, pluralism should also coexist with comfort.

In a space, even if the style of change will not let the visual feel seem chaotic, without losing order. To the end of a detail, a touch, a touch of memory, or even just a line of sight of the stay, are comfortable and comfortable ordinary environment, people want to stay for a long time, as deliberately slow down the pointer, slowly Full of inner and around the world.

Have you ever thought of a different world after opening a door? One can experience various motifs behind the doors at home with innocence exudes in every ordinary detail.

This space balances materials, styles, colors, and shades in ways to reflect its peaceful undretentious Cartation to the needs of family members of different ages, the space combines practicality and relaxation without extravagance while expressions conduits to life itself.

The modern wind bring easiness and allow people To get away from the mundane.”

Photos courtesy of Remember Design.