Bloom Design / Bloom Design Office

Located in Shenzhen, China and completed 2017. This 280 square meter “White” modern office with original cement column, bare ceilings and retro red brick wall, all appears to be unpolished was designed by Zhang Renqiang and Qiu Wendi as a Project Team and Li Baolong and Chen Xiaohu as Creative Director from Bloom Design. The main material for this projects are ultra-white glass, I-beam, oak, red brick, white epoxy floor, wheat straw board.

“White” Design by Bloom Design Studio

“Instead of visible space planning, what I create for each design is a beautiful world in my mind.” – Li Baolong
When entering the Bloom Design Studio, a completely white facade comes into view, where the white company logo is suspended, showing a special layering through the overlaying of light and shadow.

“White” design is a space full of the color white, which covers white floor, white walls, white glass partitions, white tables and chairs, white linen curtains, as well as white sunshine and ethereal music, making people feel relaxed and calm.

The continuous glass bay windows with oak frame in the office area make the whole space connected and bright. Li Baolong, the Creative Director of Bloom Design Studio, said, “Light is vital and changing from morning to night; the changes of light and shadow in space make you feel the flowing time and space.”

“White” design is not deliberately designed: with the original cement column, bare ceilings and retro red brick wall, all appears to be unpolished. Co-founder of Bloom Design Studio Chen Xiaohu said, “The design we pursue is casual but not deliberately made, charming because of naturalness.”

The red brick wall extends to the corridor, where the design elements that have been used in the past projects are neatly displayed on the display stand, telling the stories of each project. All kinds of lush plants indoor are echoed with green trees outdoors, bird tweet can be heard occasionally. Like working in the botanical garden, a myriad of thoughts and ideas emerge.

Respect for nature and study the laws of nature, Bloom Design persistently seeks for a simple beauty and real move. Tease the cat here, water the plants and drink tea. It is a place for returning to simplicity, being everyday and natural.

Photography by Nie Xiaocong.