Fateeva Design / Modern Chic Apartment in Kiev

Located in Kiev, Ukraine and completed in 2016. This 40 square meter modern apartment with strong color accent and sleek design was designed by Fateeva Design.

Clean layout and strong color accent of a rich emerald shade for this apartment is the main factor of identity. Due to the comparison of two different environments (dense, dovetailing, densely saturated color, and light, graphic-air, almost intangible), the interior becomes diverse and feels much more spacious than one might expect from the actual footage.

With limited size, the architect is trying to design a full room and its possible by joining the loggia to the living area. The architectural volume is extremely light and almost does not block the access of natural light to the apartment: the walls of the building are glazed along the upper perimeter, the entrance is equipped with a sliding door, and the decoration is dominated by a very light gray-sandy hue.

Futuristic appearance is even more vividly manifested inside the “cube”. Here it becomes clear witty idea: the interior partitions are designed on the principle of furniture. The minimalist facades are mounted on the metal frame of the supporting base; The headboard and the base of the bed represent the same construct, the same laconic minimalism. Thus, the thickness of the walls tends to zero, which saves the living space, and the entire interior of the bedroom is perceived as “whole-tiered” volume. In an extremely clean space there are only a couple of accents: the author’s poster, and the familiar emerald tint in the facades of the built-in storage system.

Apart from the bedroom, where it is functionally necessary, there are no cabinets in the apartment. The task is solved by a 6-meter wardrobe room, where you can get from the hallway.

Mirrors serve as an additional tool for visual expansion of space. For example, vertical mirror inserts in the dining area. The segment between them is a functional cluster for storing gloss and small items that should be at hand. This design, like most pieces of furniture, is the author’s design of Lena Fateeva, designed and implemented specifically for this interior. Mirror finish is also applied on the two walls of the bathroom.

Photography by Andrey Avdeyenko