Yael Perry / Modern Minimalist Monochrome

Located in Tel Aviv, Israel and completed in 2016. This 80 square meter minimalist apartment with a pure white and a sense of unique aesthetic was designed perfectly by Yael Perry as the interior designer.

Grid concept is reflected in the design of the apartment, including furniture, lighting, and small decorative elements. The designers tried to make the apartment the most spacious with natural light fill the space, made in a minimalist style and balcony. With 8 meters rack in the living room, it’s made of iron and painted white, repeating the material of window frames and corresponding overall style of the residence. The bathrooms are equipped with metal shelves, but black. The hall became the main focus of the red cable, stretched out in the form of geometric patterns on the walls and ceiling. The living room has also attracted the attention of a modular sofa, custom and perfectly suited to owners with their open way of life, because it can be arranged in any manner, if the guests come and they need to offer plenty of places to relax. Three round marble table can also be moved around the room.

Photography by Itay Benit.