C.DD / Zhanjiang Race Steak House

Located in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China. This 367 square meter exquisite restaurant with extremely simple lines are used for the vivid space division was designed by He Xiao-Ping, Li Xing-Lin as Chief Designer from C.DD.

Main Materials: Exterior wall paint, oak, floor tile, white tile, steel plate, square tube, spray painted glass, craft glass, snow white stone, concrete, etc.

Zhanjiang Race Steak House by C.DD

“Designer combines Chinese and Western culture tactfully and uses innovative design method to create a pleasure dining space.

Openness and closeness is a contradictory combination, and a relative goodness. The extremely simple lines are used for the vivid space division, so as to meet the dining demands to the largest extent. Different dining areas are divided by rectangular glasses of different sizes and steel framework, where watermark glass and proper blank space offer people wide vision while keep the privacy. The exterior eversion window is both beautiful and practical.

Designer has a high requirement on choosing materials. The contrast of different materials as white wall, wood and leather make a richly textured space. Green brings a sense of vividness and nature to the space. Attention to details is reflected in furnishing, where leather, wood and steel create a historical feeling and black chairs and white tables make the space clean and tidy. Besides, active and cute wall paintings fill the room with a sense of art, creating a lively and interesting dining atmosphere to customers.

With the most modest design elements and concise but not simple design methods, designers create an exquisite restaurant and memorable dining space for customers, and artistic decorations with strong aesthetics enhances the taste of the brand.”

Photography by OUYANG Yun.

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