Qianxun Decorative Art and Design / Classic Art-Deco Apartment in Shanghai

Located in Zhabei District, Shanghai, China and completed 2016. This 115 square meter beautiful residence with classic Art-deco style and fashionable was designed by Li Jianmei as Interior Decoration Designer from Qianxun Decorative Art and Design.

Classic Art-Deco Apartment in Shanghai by Qianxun Decorative Art and Design

“This apartment is mainly focused on the daily life under the beauty-appreciation value of the elite. With fashionable style, much attention is paid to the combination of layout and functions of the room. There is an extension in lines of the furniture: for example, the straight line collocation between coffee table and the main sofa creates an extra layer in the living room, so as to enlarge the visual space. Petite Friture Vertigo chandelier brings a comfortable and quiet feeling; while brown leather tray adds a little bold and unrestrained temperament for the space.

The classic Poltrona Frau dining chair has a color contrast between coffee and beige, together with the unique emerald green long table, forming the first impression of elegance. A painting of human portrait in the distant view becomes the art embellishment.

The design of room is inspired by the classic Art-deco style with plenty of innovation and improvement. Insisting on the main tone of elegance, Qianxun Design simplified the Art-deco geometric lines to meet the taste of modern elite. Gray tone of different purity in the space is just like a gentleman’s gray wind coat, which was harmoniously integrated. Furnishings in the bay window also expressed the charm and lifestyle of the intellectual.

The master bedroom is a distinct man’s room. There is no exaggerated decoration or color, and the attitude of taste is conveyed in the calm and gentle black, gray and gold tone. Except for the carpet, there is little curved decoration. The soft curtain, hard elements and corners and texture of furniture, all of them reflected the owner’s attitude towards life: pursuing relaxation and comfort in life.

The design of boy’s room started from the “little gentleman” concept, where black, white and grey are the main color to form a stable basic visual tone. Orange headboard and striped lattice blanket fully revealed the little boy’s passionate and straightforward character.”

Photos courtesy of Qianxun Decorative Art and Design.

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