123DV / Cool Blue Villa

Located in Marbella, Spain. This luxury and modern residence with a beautiful panorama view was designed by 123DV.

123DV - Cool Blue Villa (1)


“The family wanted a Mediterranean beach villa with a view at the sea. Since all plots at the sea are occupied the villa is located one villa away from the sea. The villa is designed with close contact to water.

The stairs leading to the bedrooms onthe first floor and a roof terrace at the second floor allow panoramic views at the sea.

At the ground floor the water is represented by a swimming pool and a canal.

The infinity pool located at a terrace alongside the living area can be experienced as a water block because of an 80 cm high and 5 meter long glass corner.

A one meter wide canal surrounds the entrance and the other side of the living area embracing the villa.
Stepping stones over the water give entrance to the villa. At the living area the canal in combination with a wall out of natural stone, led lights in the water and palm trees above the wall allow coolness and magic light effects in the evening.”

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Photos courtesy of 123DV.