Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro (SHM) Architects / Colgate Residence

Located in Dallas, Texas, United States and completed in 2013. This residence was designed by Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro (SHM) Architects and featured on AIA Dallas Home Tour 2014.

Colgate Residence - 2013

Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro (SHM) Architects

The Colgate Residence was a collaboration between the design team and the client to create a casual house that is comfortable for a young active family, while still reflecting the modern aesthetic preferred by the owner. Nestled within a neighborhood of predominately traditional architecture, the Colgate Residence balances traditional vernacular forms with a play of natural modern materials. The client’s love of the outdoors is expressed in the open, transparent, and laid-back living spaces that connect directly to the outdoor living environments. Large expanses of northern-facing glass allow for an abundance of light and minimize the exposure to the strong summer sun. Native grasses and extensive ground cover accent a landscape that reduces water use and minimizes maintenance.”

Colgate Residence - 2013 Colgate Residence - 2013 Colgate Residence - 2013Colgate Residence - 2013Colgate Residence - 2013Colgate Residence - 2013

Photography by Charles Smith, AIA.