Bruzkus Batek / Apartment MM

Located in Grunewald, Berlin and completed in 2014. This minimalist apartment was designed by Bruzkus Batek.

Bruzkus Batek - Apartment MM (1)

Bruzkus Batek

“This Moscow-based couple’s second home is located on the ground floor of a classical villa in the Grunewald district of Berlin. As part of the new design Bruzkus Batek Architects first pared the spaces down to the essentials by stripping out all decorative surface elements such as stucco, friezes, trim and coffering —also since these were damaged or in pretty bad condition.

Clear gallery-style rooms are the result, whose character is accentuated by a minimalistic lighting concept from PSLAB. The furniture and fittings are positioned like exhibits in front of the sheer white walls. A pale grey concrete floor is combined with soaped ash and nero marquina marble in the kitchen island and the bathroom, as well as for the long bench in the living room. Between the kitchen and the entrance hall stands a “box” containing wardrobes, kitchen cupboards and a mirrored cloakroom.

The most dominant spatial element is the central and communicative kitchen block with integrated seating, for example, for breakfast on the go. The clarity of the design is underlined by hiding all ironmongery from sight and by avoiding the use of door handles. Even the fridge door opens simply via gentle pressure – and with the help of an integrated motor. A separating wall divides the kitchen from the dining and living zone with its large dining table and marble-clad fireplace.

Sleeping and bathroom zones flow one into the other – the bath is freestanding and the level-access shower is simply bounded by a chrome-framed glass wall. The custom-built corean washbasin is mounted on a glossy chrome stand. The walls and built-in cupboards are clad in ash or large format marble slabs.”

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Photography by Jens Bösenberg.