Capitol Hill Loft – SHED Architecture & Design

SHED Architecture & Design recently remodeled this 1,702 square foot industrial loft

It is located in Capitol Hill, a densely populated residential district in Seattle, Washington, USA.

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Capitol Hill Loft by SHED Architecture & Design:

“SHED Architecture & Design, based in Seattle, recently completed a custom crafted urban improve of a 1,702-square-foot Capitol Hill loft. The response-winning 1310 East Union Building intended by the Miller Hull Partnership for Seattle-based developers, Dunn + Hobbes, accommodates eight loft-style condominiums taking into account immense views of the surrounding neighborhood. The client, a teenager couple who performance-act manageable, came to the fine-song following an indigenous layout that did not acquiesce once indistinctive enthusiastic patterns; an exposed relationships showing off, nonappearance of storage and oversized hallway left no place to conceal. The main challenge was to grow involved elements to the state that blended once the buildings indigenous palette of definite floors, zinc plated pan-decking ceiling, and blackened steel beams and railings.
Inserting a incorporation of texture, raw materials and operational elements, SHED Architecture & Design was clever to artfully marry the choice additions considering the original industrial construction using a palette of definite brick, stainless steel plate, blackened steel and mirror. In the kitchen, the counter was lengthy on summit of the indigenous range to make a protected log on way and more generous kitchen environment. The brick found in the backsplash and island was chosen for its flattering materiality that is forceful ample to combination in by now the original steel, though the daringly grained Zebra wood casework adds exhilaration and feel. The adjunct island houses pungent press on storage, a built-in microwave (a playful curly cord hanging from the ceiling provides the knack) and informal seating for four. Its wood peak is simple in bank account to the elbows even if the 3/16 stainless steel dish counter that flanks the sink and range is impervious to the hazards of the kitchen. The geometric wallpaper by local designer Brian Paquette adds subtle texture and pursuit to the heavens. Inspired by a venerated Japanese pattern book, the design was reproduced something subsequently 1117 paper and applied to the wall using wheat cement.
The outstretched kitchen creates a protected admittance way that lets things unfold naturally around speaking entering the tune. The dealings cabinet above the elaboration sheds fresh into the entre and serves as a area for personal belongings; the bench knocked out creates a impression for shoes, and a mirror clad wall reflects fresh from the animated room windows into the heart of the pronounce. These effective elements are things we think virtually later than designing a subsidiary expose; its a consistent theme on all our projects, says Thomas Schaer, Principal of SHED Architecture & Design.
Under the stairs, the steel base board was replaced once steel plate to make a durable storage sky for bikes. Storage was an outstanding business throughout the loft, particularly in the master bedroom. The SHED team intended a lightweight enclosure of perforated steel that defines a closet say though maintaining the user-amicability of the indigenous layout. The want in the newly converted loft upstairs was the opposite; the formerly exposed loft flavor was closed off once a translucent 3Form wall panel and a framed wall to make a guest room and additional storage. The thoughtful join up of raw materials and targeted elements helped solve practical problems though building around and enriching the original aesthetic of the building, leading to cohesive additions that feel native to the look.
The upgrade was adroitly executed by the firms frequent collaborators Dolanbuilt Construction.”

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Photos by: Mark Woods and James F. Housel (exterior)