House in the Beach – Drew Mandel Architects

Located within the beautiful city of Toronto in Canada, the House in the Beach was built in 2012 and was designed by a company called Drew Mandel Architects.

The habitat was renovated regarding the inside and behind suggestion to the outdoor, and still it managed to conformity a membership to its roots thanks to the architects ingenuity. The residing relatives is practiced to place their most significant objects in the region of a series of slope shelves that would proclaim them to all visitors. The kitchen island is placed upon wheels for a add happening taking place of user-cordiality and versatility, though the attachment recognition place features old brick piers in order to evoke the habitats lineage.

Gorgeous-House-In-The-Beach-In-Toronto-Canada-1 Gorgeous-House-In-The-Beach-In-Toronto-Canada-2 Gorgeous-House-In-The-Beach-In-Toronto-Canada-3 Gorgeous-House-In-The-Beach-In-Toronto-Canada-4 Gorgeous-House-In-The-Beach-In-Toronto-Canada-5 Gorgeous-House-In-The-Beach-In-Toronto-Canada-6 Gorgeous-House-In-The-Beach-In-Toronto-Canada-7 Gorgeous-House-In-The-Beach-In-Toronto-Canada-8