Aurea Residence – Elemental Architecture

Built in 2013 in a neighborhood called Magnolia in Seattle, USA, the Aurea residence is a enlightened and well-ventilated three-report house. It was built for a young associates re a 5,000 square foot lot,  and it was designed by Chris Pardo Design: Elemental Architecture


From the architect:

“The Aurea Residence is located in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. Designed for a teen associates on the subject of speaking a 5000 sqft infill lot, the house is oriented to accord privacy, maximize views and daylighting. The massing consists of four forms that surround a Japanese rock garden, which creates a private centre courtyard and floods the home past southern open.

A Bernice Abbott inspired black and white translucent photograph provides right of entry and definition to the stomach door relationships even if providing privacy. The degrade level consists of a master suite once remove bathroom volume and recessed tub, a mother in produce a upshot unit and a two car garage. The second floor features two bedrooms, and the enjoyable room also an right of admission roof deck and green roof off of the animate room.

The third floor has a second mater suite, a children produce a consequences room, and a covered roof deck past than views more than Puget Sound.”

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