Water Lily House – Guz Architects

Water Lily House is a private residence located in Singapore.

The spacious home was designed by Guz Architects.


Water Lily House by Guz Architects:

“This adjunct house in Singapore has a central water court that forms the focal endeavor of the home. The planted roof gardens surround this and accrual to the effect that natural world is evident in all pension of the dwelling. Our main doings was to make a residence since seamless integration of the surrounding flora and fauna but at the same time providing privacy from neighbouring propertieswater played a key role in achieving this had to take at the forefront a key role in achieving that.

The upper floor roof gardens partner the more private bedrooms once greenery and views beside into the courtyards.”

Water-Lily-House-02 Water-Lily-House-03 Water-Lily-House-04 Water-Lily-House-05 Water-Lily-House-06 Water-Lily-House-07 Water-Lily-House-08 Water-Lily-House-09 Water-Lily-House-11